Coming Soon!

The ASP Stamp Arcade will be open very soon!
You will be able to do a number of things on this site:
1. Arrange subscriptions (both printed and digital).
2. Browse for past editions and buy any you choose.
3. Visit the ASP Stamp Arcade and select stamps you would
like to add to your collection (this will be set up once
(1) and (2) are running smoothly).

Meanwhile, click the FREE ISSUE button below to download
an entire sample issue, or head to:

Click HERE to download a FREE issue of ASP! (.exe file)
INSTRUCTIONS to download a free issue:
1. Click on above button.
2. A pop-up screen will appear, as at right:
   (You may need to move it to read more!)
3. Select "Save File".
4. Go to your "Downloads" folder in your
    "Documents and Settings" folder.
5. Open the file to view the magazine.